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Exchange directions

Withdrawing Perfect Money USD to Visa/MasterCard UAH

Exchange Qiwi RUB to Yandex.Money RUB


Withdrawing Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa/MasterCard UAH

Attention! The exchange rate is fixed at the time of payment confirmation, i.e. after receiving the 2nd confirmation. The adjustment is carried out relative to the Binance rates.

Please be careful when transferring! Send only Bitcoin (BTC).

Sending coin or token other than Bitcoin (BTC) will lead to a loss of your payment!

An order is deemed paid after 2 confirmations of your transaction appear.

An exchange request is created on this page for the withdrawal of bitcoins to hryvnias with payment to a Visa or MC bank card of any Ukrainian bank.

What needs to be done to transfer Bitcoin to a card in UAH

To quickly withdraw Bitcoin to Visa or Mastercard UAH in Ukraine, you just need to indicate the amount of BTC and click on the "Exchange" button. On the next page we give an opportunity to verify all the data. After confirmation, an order for the exchange of bitcoin to hryvnia is created with crediting to the Visa / Mastercard card and our BTC address for payment appears. If you specified an email, then at the same time a notification is sent to it. To pay, you can copy the bitcoin address or scan the QR code and transfer the required amount to it.

Important information

  • An exchange request is considered paid only after the second confirmation appears on the Blockchain network. Depending on the current network load, the number of transactions, the activity of miners and the commission you paid, the confirmation time can be from 5 minutes to 24 hours. These terms do not depend on us in any way.
  • Cryptocurrency is volatile, so the exchange rate is fixed at the time of creating the order for the next 3 minutes. If during this time the order is not paid, then the transfer of the hryvnia is carried out at the rate at the time of payment confirmation.

You can check for blockchain or blockcypher confirmations. You can find your transaction by hash or bitcoin address. If you can’t find the hash of the transaction or there are too many different transactions at your address that are difficult to find, it’s best to use our details for the search. You can copy our address on the exchange request page or from a notification email. We use one-time details, so it will be easy to figure out the transactions found. If you still have questions about how to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) from your wallet to a card in UAH, you can use our instructions or seek help through the online chat form. If you want to buy bitcoins for the hryvnia, and not sell, then just change the exchange direction by choosing Visa / MC in the “Give” block and Bitcoin in the “Receive” block.

Terms of processing the exchange of BTC to Mastercard and Visa UAH

The transfer of hryvnia to a bank card is carried out automatically after the payment of the cryptocurrency is confirmed. For our service, only 2 confirmations in the Blockchain network are enough. An advantage of TopCash is that our automatic online exchange service does not require operator intervention after confirmations appear. The transfer of funds is carried out immediately after the second inclusion of the transaction in the Bitcoin block and takes several minutes. After the successful completion of the exchange, a notification is sent to the post office or Telegram (if indicated).

5 reasons to exchange bitcoin to hryvnia card via TopCash

  • No additional verification and delays.
  • Easy to create and check the status of your orders.
  • Favorable Bitcoin (BTC) UAH exchange rate due to prompt updating of quotes and low commission.
  • Online support via chat and instant messengers, as well as a form for communication via mail.
  • Guaranteed hryvnia payout or return of cryptocurrency, if the amount is not less than the commission.

In addition to the BTC, using the service, you can withdraw Qiwi to the hryvnia card and other electronic or cryptographic currencies. The main advantage of our exchanger is the impeccable reputation of the service, which is confirmed by registration in well-known monitoring and positive customer reviews. To earn such a reputation is too difficult and its loss is not at all worth the money that can be exchanged with one order. Therefore, we are definitely not interested in delaying the execution of the withdrawal of bitcoin to the card or the appropriation of your funds. On the contrary, we strive for the most expeditious processing of exchange orders and minimum commissions so that you return to us again and again.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) from Visa / MasterCard UAH card for hryvnia

Attention! The exchange rate is fixed at the time of payment confirmation. The adjustment is carried out relative to the Binance rates.

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Top up Topcash.me internal account in BTC from Privatbank card UAH

Top up Topcash.me internal account in BTC through Yandex.Money

Top up Topcash.me internal account in BTC from Qiwi RUB